Friday, August 10, 2012

tauhu bakar

earlier on in my pregnancy, i craved for tauhu bakar or tauhu sumbat ...whatever lah it is called.

all i know was i wanted tofu!

so i made my own with my mother's help in creating the recipe.

here's a pic of my 'tauhu bakar'.

the hollowed tofu that i got at the market were small but they'll make do for me.

so, a few pieces were grilled till they browned/charred and then cut in the middle halfway so that i can insert the veggies that i want - sengkuang, timun & tauge.

the sauce was made of:

1. ground nuts fried without oil, de-skinned and pulsed/grounded coarse & finely.
2. the liquid base was a combination of brown sugar, salt, air asam jawa  and ciliboh (cooked). all combined till i get the taste that i wanted. when it is done, it goes into a pan on top of medium heat and the grounded nuts were added.
3. cook till all is mixed well and the sauce thickens abit.

serve immediately!


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