Thursday, September 11, 2008

Black Pepper Beef Roll

What you need :o)

1. Tortilla breads (capatis or pita breads are good substition too)
2. Black pepper beef
3. Salad leaves (I love Butterhead salad) or any of your choice

Black Pepper Beef
1. cut beef into strips

2. marinade beef with pounded ginger & garlic, black pepper, cornflour, salt and abit of light soy sauce for at least an hour

3. heat up some oil (enough to sautee) and fry the beef till cooked

4. add strips or cuts of coloured capsicums, celery and big onions

5. as you mix everything well, add light soy sauce and black pepper to taste and some water to keep everything moist

6. do not fry too long if you want the crunch of the veges. black pepper beef's done :o)

Start rolling your roll!

*Additonal: if the recipe is served with rice or noodles, add roasted cashew nuts for texture

** My diet: mine will be black pepper chicken with capati

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