Monday, July 30, 2012

My Fav Pasta Goreng

pic taken on 30th july 2012

recipe posted on 20th august 2010.

i thought i had this recipe in my blog but after searching for it .... eh, tak dak.

i better write it down b4 i forget.

one thing about me is that i seldom have the measurements for the ingredients. so ... for now, i'll just list them.

  • pasta - i love fusili pasta for this recipe. macaroni is ok too.
  • bawang merah & bawang kuning besar - blended
  • cili kering & cilipadi - blended
  • lots of garlic - chopped. for a bag of fusili, about 4-6 big cloves.
  • minced meat - i prefer beef but chicken is ok too
  • fish balls & fishcakes - cut to desired bite-sizes but wash & fry them 1st b4 cutting them up
  • carrots & young corn - cut bite-sizes (you can add any other veggies)
  • an egg or 2
  • kicap manis
  • garam
  • gula/sugar - secukup rasa
  • oil
  • daun ketumbar/fresh coriander leaves - lots!
  • bawang goreng

  • heat cooking oil & fry garlic 1st till slightly golden but not burnt
  • add the blended ingredients - onions n cili & a pinch of sugar - fry till frangrant n oil separates from the cili. (petua secubit gula ni utk memerahkan sambal, bukan utk rasanya)
  • add minced meat - again fry till oil separates from the mixture
  • add fish balls, fish cakes n fry for awhile
  • then add veggies
  • add salt & kicap to taste
  • add the pasta - stir almost well
  • add an egg or two and mix everything well. you don't want lumps of eggs.
  • when all is mixed well ... just before serving ... throw as much chopped coriander leaves & caramalised onions (bwg goreng) in as u want. it adds frangrance  and aroma to the dish .... yuuuummmmm!


you can even change this into a bake pasta dish. when everything is ready & done, put it in a casserole dish, lightly beaten n season a few eggs with S&P, pour onto the dish and baked until golden brown & you can even add shaved cheese on it before baking it.
serve immediately!

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