Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Kimchi by Liza Hashim

I eat them everyday. Believe it or not, it cleared my blemishes and i dont bloat when nearing that time of the month.

U will need I chinese cabbage, daikon (raddish), carrots, fish sauce, 12 cloves of garlic, a big knob of ginger,sugar, cili giling or fine chili flakes and of course a handful of rough salt(garam kasar).

Oh yes.. a large plastic or glass container.

Cut cabbage lengthwise.. or wedge them. Wash and rinse in between the leaves. Then drain to remove excess water.

Prepare the salt.

Sprinkle a pinch in between the leave.. layer by layer. Once done, let it sit for 7 hours or so.

U will see that after 3 hours, the cabbage will begin to sweat and soften.

(Upm Yan - WA 2016: Liza, kalau nak cabbage je boleh?
Upm Liza Hashim: Boleh.)

In the meantime, julienne the carrots, daikon.

Then blend garlic, ginger and add the chili paste.

I usually use cili powder.

Lots of garlic will be yummy. But dont over do it with the garlic.. otherwise it will turn 'starchy' during the fermentation.

Once the cabbage dah soft ( not too soft..u want some bite into it). Rinse the brine.. about 3 times and drain.

The blended paste, put 5 tablespoon of fish sauce, 4 tbsp of sugar.

Then lumur on to the cabbage... layer by layer. Mix it the the julienned carrots and daikon. Then, scatter some chopped spring onions.

Place it in an closed container and let it do its magic... fermentation.

Should be ready to eat in 2 days.

After the fermentation, just keep it in the fridge. Cut whenever u need to eat it.

The korean spice is actually cili flakes called kochigoru.

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