Sunday, March 9, 2008

crispy potatoes

Several days ago, I went out for lunch with a friend at a trendy restaurant. I just love the food there but this is not why I am writing this entry for.

I just want to save a lil recipe.

I had fish as the main dish & it was accompanied with cubed potatoes. What's interesting was the potatoes. Crispy. I think the chef boiled it first, then sprinkle some cornflour + salt + (maybe) tumeric powder for colour & then fry in hot oil. Hence crispy on the outside but melting in your mouth.

:o) :o) :o)


Anonymous said...


baru first time masuk blog makey makey demo nih.
ermmmm if u perlukan mangsa utk mencuba try test resepi2 baru calling calling la yer... hehehe

sYaNa said...

abelong :o)

orait! hehehe