Monday, November 2, 2015

Tuna melts Dietlicious

Tuna Melts Recipe
1/2 muffin 160++cal

-Wholemeal English Muffin  (frozen ada jual) cut to 2
-Ketchup(heinz) or pasta sauce sapu 1 layer kt atas roti
-Tuna in mineral water (drain)
- celery (chopped)
- parsley (chopped)
- cili flakes or.cili padi
- shallot (chopped)
- sour cream or greek yogurt
- salt
- honey or fructose (sikit je)
- b.pepper
- lime

Mix all ingredients and spread to each bread (1 1/2 tbps)
Topped with low fat mozarella
Cover with slice tomatoes
Sprinkle dry oregano and b.pepper
Baked for 15 minits or until chesse melted.

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