Monday, April 13, 2009

Yummy Sausages

I love sausages.

When we were young, we would always go to the club to swim. Every time we were there, we would order club bandung which is sirap bandung + soda, egg sandwiches and sausages. The sausages is a special recipe. They would slice the sausages sideways and fry them till crispy. Then big onions are added, fried till soften and lastly, dark soy is added. All mixed thoroughly. Sedapnyaaaaaa!

As an adult, I modified the recipe and make it spicy. I would add cili padi or just normal chilies to spice it up. I serve it with bread, any bread. A few leaves of salad makes it nice too.

Since I'm on a diet, I can't make it. fuuh ... I wish I could hehehe ...

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