Friday, March 13, 2009

new salad - SALAD DEAN

being on DR's diet is not easy nor is it difficult but ... man, the things i have to do to calm my cravings!

hubby's on a diet too.

i am out of ideas for tonight's diet but something's cooking up in my head. i think i'll try this tonight:

salad mix in a bag - i bought the ceaser salad mix
thousand island dressing + EVOO + chili sauce - combined everything, delish!
KFC's chicken tenders (sliced)
2 thick slices of gralic bread (made from wholegrain bread from Giant) for hubby

rock melon for dessert.

i wonder what hubby's verdict will be.

hubby's verdict: Sedap! hehehe

below is a pic of today's salad (Saturday 14th March'09). added eggs instead of chicken.

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