Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fresh Fishball Soup

This was tonight's dish for dinner. The fishballs were freshly made from scratch this evening. My mother's recipe.

Each had a bowl of fishball soup with green leaves & bits of macaroni, served with light soy sauce with cilipadi. Dessert was fresh nectarines with mint lemon tea (no sugar).

I have loads of pics on how to make the fishballs but they were taken using the phone camera. I forgot to bring along the digital camera.

I'll upload the pics, how-to and ingredients later.



marrtina said...

Looks so delicious...

sYaNa said...

Hi Marrtina :o)

Welcome to my young recipe blog :o) I'm glad you like the pic and the dish is delicious. I'll post the recipe soon for you to try :o)

Take care :o)