Monday, June 1, 2015

Brownie Tati

100gm milk choc + 200gm dark choc or any choc 300gm (I used 150gm each but for a bit bitter choc taste, use more of dark choc)

250gm salted butter

300gm soft Brown sugar (I used 270gm - still abit too sweet for me. Maybe try 250gm)

- all three melted together in a pan or ban marie

Once melted, remove from heat & add 4 eggs one at a time (whisk lightly each egg)

Then add (abit at a time) 140gm flour, 40gm unsweetened cocoa powder + 1 tsp baking powder - sieve together.

Bake in a 10x10" tray for 30-35 mins till done with skewer test. Should be soft in the middle for a gooey brownie.

Before baking - can add raspberries, Oreos or walnuts & almonds or choc chips.

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