Thursday, May 26, 2011

an intimidated baker

i have an inbuilt oven which i've never used.

i have a hot air turbo oven which my mom bought over 20 years ago and haven't used since then.

i have 3 cake mixers which were wedding presents, in other words ~ 'new'.

i bought a few ingredients if i ever wanted to bake something but somehow ... i haven't. i am so afraid of making something that would need to be baked.

i am so intimidated by this and i don't know why. i think i can do it. i want to bake but i freeze just by the thought of it.

i've always wanted to bake my own breads. since i don't know how to bake, i bought a bread maker and even that still remains in the box.


do i need help?

** i have baked before but it's always in my mom's kitchen. i have help & advice to depend on. at home, i've never done it alone. i think that's what i am afraid of, doing it alone.

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