Monday, May 24, 2010

My 1st Onion Soup

yellow onions - sliced or diced
water + stock cube (beef/chicken/veggie) or actual stock (beef/chicken/veggie)
cheese (mozarella cheese but i just used Kraft cheese)
cornflour (optional)

heat up some evoo + butter
sautee onions till brown
add water + stock cube (adjust the taste) or whichever stock you prefer, bring it to a boil
season with salt, pepper & a pinch of thyme (not much, don't overwhelm the taste with thyme)

when cooled, take half of the soup & blend it, then add back to the soup - this is to add texture
just before serving, add shredded cheese & cornflour if you like thick onion soup.

serve with toasted cheesed breads or garlic bread.

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