Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yong Tau Foo

With Raya still in high gear and weird taste on our tongues from our Surabaya trip last weekend, hubby went back to work under alot of stress and pressure yesterday.

To welcome him home after a long day's work and to give our tastebuds a break, I 'made' Yong Tau Foo for dinner.

You can get all the tofus, fishcakes and fishballs at Giant. They even sell the sauces. All I needed to do was get some kangkong and Inoki mushrooms.

Hubby loves Yong Tau Foo soup. So, I boiled some water, added some anchovies to it and salt to taste. This is a quick 'fish broth' if you ever need one. You can either just put the anchovies whole into the water or pound them finely (this works better).

my so-called masterpiece hehehe

1 comment:

U.Lee said...

Hello Syana, Ohhh my Gosh! You made one of my favorite all time dishes.
Saya tengok kena gigit jari ha ha.

I can even get the lovely scent of your soup.
Ada lagi tu Syana?....I think I can polish off easy dua bowls, ha ha ha.

Syana, you not only a lovely lady, but you sure come up with lovely foods.
Have a nice weekend, best regards, Lee.